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8 best online fitness exercise at home

A gym open 24 hours the 365 days of the year? Of course yes, in the same living room ! The fit shop reviews has become a rising trend after the success it has experienced in countries like the United States, and more and more people choose to get fit with virtual classes through the tablet or smartphone  which also makes can take the gym wherever you go .

But this does not end here, since they are not the only advantages. The lack of time or economic reasons are decisive factors play in favor of these platforms, which in recent times have become more professional and offer all kinds of physical activities  (from disciplines such as Pilates or Yoga classes step, boxing or dance belly), with excellent image quality and a network of specialized teachers who guide and accompany you performing the exercises in real time. We encourage you to try one of our favorites and tell us the experience yourself!

No. 1 OWOM Tv

Tv OWOM whatever with the best specialists to enjoy classes and guided online yoga, pilates and meditation Spanish online practices to practice when and where you want. Based on a couta, allows you to access, unlimited, more than 350 classes where, of course, you decide where and when to receive your classes, always following classes from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Note : All teachers are professionals with extensive training and full dedication to teaching yoga, Pilates and meditation

Price : From 10 €

No. 2 Enformaencasa

This online gym is backed by physical education graduates with master’s degree in sports performance, and trainers, among other experts. Here you will find workout routines, videos, tips and personal trainers who will guide you in your workouts. We really like their dietary section, with information on food, recipes and applications to calculate calories, your basal metabolism or your total energy expenditure.

Note: C CCOUNT with an online store  with fitness equipment, paddle tennis or yoga, among other sports

Price : training Bono House (5 €), Personal trainer (20 €) and Nutritional counseling (30 €)

No. 3 Gymoxion

Sport and the Internet are great allies, so projects like Gymoxion can get to give very good results if they are able to make themselves known to your target audience. In this case the proposal is to provide the classes that usually there in the gyms but online form so that the web usaurios have the opportunity to attend classes Pilates , Yoga and Dance Fitness from home.

Note : Your status as ‘social network’ that lets you interact with other users and even create classes only with your friends

Price : From € 4.50

No. 4 Gym-in

Gym-in  is another online gym designed so you can follow your fitness program from your favorite place  without wasting time traveling to the gym and a wide range of activities. All you need is internet access , comfortable clothing and lots of motivation! This virtual gym is ideal for exercising at home , and so lose weight, strengthen muscles, gain tone and also have fun while doing all this at a reasonable price.

Price : From € 5.75

Note : All classes are taught by teachers of first level in your area and they can discover the fun of each type of activity.

No. 5 ict

Ict  is one of the best online gymnasiums , which is also designed for the whole family .  You can access the platform 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It offers 21 training rooms for all ages, tastes, goals and physical condition. You choose what activity you want to make, what time and with what intensity. Sessions are led by professional and qualified instructors guide and accompany you at all times, doing the exercises with you in real time.

Price : € 5.95 / month

Note : Accounts with a personal trainer at your disposal and you can even hire a nutritional planning designed by a specialist.

No. 6 Telegim.tv

Telegim.tv allows you to follow classes of classical and Latin aerobics, step, TBC, yoga, Pilates, Spinning, combat, Gap, toning and indoor walking as if you were directly in the gym. It is the virtual gym more like a real one, has a highly qualified team and Over 24,000 partners! If you want to follow all the classes, you need a step , a stationary bike and an elliptical.

Note : Only for registering will have access to free classes and their teacher indoor cycling cyclist is known Melcior Mauri

Price : Monthly Pack (6.90 €) and quarterly Pack (5 € / month)

No. 7 Virtual Gym

Why not kill two birds with one stone? Practice English while training at the hands of the best virtual instructors of the British company Virtual Gym . Boot Camp, strech and toning classes, step aerobics … In UK is a success!

Note : There is a free trial version .

No. 8 Vitale

This is not a virtual gym, but an online training system  able to prescribe exercise to measure.It is even able to take into account the conditions of the user , time available, the material that has at home and even your mood Truly amazing! We like to offer more than 600 personalized training, all backed by its experts in exercise and health.

Note:  To train able, besides access to videos, to an anatomical 3D library, monitoring and test agendas.

Price:  Individual Plan (4.90 € / month), professional Plan (29,90 € / month), Business Plan (€ 99.90 / month) and Corporate Plan (399,90 € / month)

Entrenar.me , although not a virtual gym, is a perfect tool to exercise at home to lose weight or your figure, because it is a seeker of personal trainers, nutritionists and physiotherapists throughout Spain . You can choose from over 4,000 professionals and centers to get fit, improve your health or improve in any sport. To do this, you must answer a short questionnaire that will help the coach to make those goals.

Note : Whenever you want , you can contact your coach via email for advice on how to properly perform exercises or changing routines, etc.

Your virtual gym without leaving home

Today , many people prefer to play sports on their own rather than having to move to a center, not only for comfort but for lack of time . Why they are proliferating this kind of gymnasiums to the letter , that help you to get in shape for an easy, economical way and wherever you want.

A cappuccino? Comparison of Tassimo coffee makers, Dolce Gusto and Senseo

Fancy a cappuccino and steaming milk is not your thing? No problem, here’s acomparison of coffee pods able to prepare a cappuccino , and a host of other types of coffee, such as cut, lattes, mocaccinos, latte machiattos and even hot chocolates.

These brewers, more versatile than the popular Nespresso or the delicious Illy , reviews of espresso makers under $200 have caused a furore in the market, or so it appears from the wide range of coffee machines and capsules that are flooding the supermarkets and hypermarkets. En Directo al Paladar we will compare the three most important : Dolce Gusto (Nescafe), Tassimo (Bosch) and Senseo (Douwe Egberts and Philips), having been using them for several months three.

The machines



Although coffee machines of the three brands offer coffee and other preparations in single dose capsules , there are important differences between them, so we ‘ll start by comparing:

  • Dolce Gusto: For this capsule system there are a variety of machines, from the cheaper (39 euros) with a small water tank and a manual dosing system to the most expensive (between 100 and 200 euros), with systems semiautomatic, bigger and more beautiful and better finished designs deposits.
  • Tassimo: Here the catalog of machines is smaller, but has the advantage that the basic model (39 euros, with offers that may leave in 9 Anecdotal euros) already comes with an automatic dosing system that allows for the perfect drink with only Press a button. It has a not so striking design as Dolce Gusto but are nice and have a very good finish.
  • Senseo: Within the Senseo coffee two the cheapest star models, which cost about 60 or 70 euros, only works with single dose, but the Senseo cappuccino (with a single p , I do not know why) which costs about 150 euros, He is able to prepare cappuccinos with fresh milk at the touch of a button. In terms of design, it is slightly coarser and bulky, but still compact dimensions and a design that does not clash.


Capsules Dolce Gusto and Tassimo are quite similar, both plastic, although Tassimo have a couple of advantages: they are smaller and include a barcode that is what gives you the information to the machine for the exact dosage the touch of a button.

In the Dolce taste is an indication on the package so that we indicate the dose to the machine (if we have a semi – automatic) and a graphic for us to do manually for orientation.

Senseo, by contrast, uses monodosis disc – shaped , lighter and more responsible with the (much cheaper, as we shall see) environment, but with the disadvantage that, once the package open, the coffee starts damaged, as these are not single – dose sealed individually.

The coffee

If we talk about coffee coffee, that we prepare in the morning to add milk or one that can take after lunch or mid morning, then I think I have no doubt which is the absolute winner: the Senseo Douwe Egberts .

Not that cafes Tassimo and Dolce Gusto are not good , or not offer a variety of different coffees, which are the three brands (although without reaching the range of Nespresso or quality of Illy, of course) but simply that coffee coming out of that coffee, coffee knows more good espresso.

The same is something personal, because this time I have not done blind tastings or things like ‘ I’ve preferred a more analysis of experience científico– but when I go to make coffee milk alone or one having all three at my disposal in the kitchen, I choose that coffee intuitively.

the cappuccino

The cappuccino has long come to stay between our repertoire of cafes, so more is not which of the three best prepares coffee.

Obviously, the Senseo part with much advantage in the version capable of preparing itwith fresh milk , which you just have to fill up with milk, put a single dose coffee and press a button. Without a doubt is the best cappuccinos prepared of the three by far, but then you have to clean the milk container immediately to avoid curdling and make us a mess.

After Senseo using fresh milk, I would stay with the Tassimo cappuccino , which is very rich, but in my opinion serves a somewhat meager amount. Then choose the Dolce Gusto the more abundant but less rich, and finally, the pods Senseo cappuccino, which is directly terrible.

other preparations

In addition to coffees and cappuccinos, these machines are able to prepare hot chocolate, tea (I see this nonsense), cut, latte macchiato, latte … and a long list of hot and cold drinks it would be difficult to enumerate.

In this field the winner in flavor is Tassimo , because in general are all very very rich (my favorite, the Milkaccino, which is like a chococcino with Milka chocolate), but Dolce Gusto will not be far behind, with the advantage that offers many of these preparations in a single capsule instead of using two (one for milk and one for coffee or chocolate) so that leaves every cup half price than its competitor.

On the other hand, Senseo, whose bid is lower (Coffee with milk, cut, cappucino chocolate, cappucino cinnamon and Viennese) can not compete in terms of quality in this field, probably conditioned by its system monodosis, which forces him to use powdered milk instead of condensed milk as Tassimo (although I would say that Dolce Gusto also uses powder). In general, the problem is that out somewhat watered down drinks and tasteless , something that does not happen when preparing cappuccinos coffees alone or with fresh milk.

Easy to use

As ease of use is concerned, is the winner Tassimo in all aspects. Once on, just put the capsule, placing the cup in place, push a button and ready. If it is a preparation of two capsules simply remove the capsule, we place the next and we press the same button. A foolproof, come on . Furthermore, it heated almost instantaneously and the capsules are completely empty or dry after use, so not leak anything.

After Tassimo, Senseo is the next easiest to use system . There are only three buttons, the ignition and a cup (which if you click twice makes cappuccino) and two cups, ladles and two (one cup and one of two). In each type of coffee or drink dipper tells us what towear and what button to press, so it’s really simple and intuitive. The only drawbacks that the water takes a tad to warm up , but not much, and that the single – dose drips when removed.

A tail is Dolce Gusto , because even with a semiautomatic machine, too many dosage levels and as you have a manual, you must be watching to see if you put the right amount of coffee, milk, chocolate or appropriate according to instructions, staying the question of whether you’re doing well. In addition, it takes him to warm up and, worst of all, the single dose drip and left with liquid inside.

About money

Money is an important issue when choosing one of these coffee. The Nespresso pods and Illy are expensive (even compatible), but Dolce Gusto Tassimo and are not far behind, being particularly expensive drinks that require two capsules (such as cappuccinos or chococcinos).

Dolce Gusto Tassimo and offer packages of 16 capsules between 4.50 and 5 euros (although there are some exceptions) resulting in a price of about 30 cents per capsule, ie, 30 cents for a coffee, 60 for a cappucino or the like . Quite expensive in my opinion, especially because in the case of Tassimo, almost any drink other than tea or coffee only consists of two capsules, which does not happen much in Dolce Gusto.

In the case of Senseo, prices are much more reasonable , with packs of 16 capsules cost between 2.50 and 3 euros for coffee, and packs of 8 capsules for cappucinos and others. Thus, the price of coffee is between 15 and 18 cents , and the rest of drinks, between 30 and 35 cents, but as I said before, the quality of them makes theminadvisable.

My recomendation

You do not expect decantarme will unambiguously by a unique option in thiscomparison of coffee pods able to prepare cappuccinos , because in fact each has its strengths and weaknesses, each being the most suitable for different types of users:

  • Tassimo: For foodies. Perhaps your coffee is not only the best but the wide variety of drinks they offer (the catalog is impressive) and how rich they are almost all, Tassimo make a good machine for those who consider that variety is the spice. However, be listed portfolio.
  • Dolce Gusto: You could say that is for foodies savers (although not much). The different drinks and coffees are a step below Tassimo in quality, but offer a good amount of drinks (cut, lattes, chocolates) at half price than its competitor.
  • Senseo: For coffee growers. If you like coffee is coffee, and want a quick, relatively cheap, clean and easy way to prepare it every morning, with the extra of enjoying a delicious cappuccino from time to time, this is your coffee. Perhaps the machine more expensive and bigger, and much smaller catalog cafes, but those are very good (those of Brazil and Colombia are great) and, above all, cost almost half.

Helpling, housekeeping home of Rocket Internet, prepares his landing

Helpling is one of the last betting Rocket Internet, the incubator of online projects Samwer brothers . A marketplace that allows users to hire London cleaning services your home or office from 12.90 euros per hour . Users only have to enter your address, date, duration , and if they have any special requirements.

Helpling is responsible for selecting the cleaning staff that best suits your needs and once the process users can evaluate the service. This business model was opened by HOMEJOY in the United States in 2012 and Helpling, after its launch in Germany in April, prepares his landing in Spain .

Several sources close to Rocket Internet have informed Engadget that the German company is right now in the process of selection of country manager who will head its operations in Spain. In addition, several employees Helpling already working on the Spanish version from its headquarters in Berlin. The arrival of Helpling could occur before summer , according to these sources.

From Helpling they have refused to comment on the more than possible arrival of the company to Spain, stating only that “we can not confirm anything. If we hear in the future we will be contacting”.

The situation in Spain

The sector cleaning services delivery in Spain has no clear leader . Moreover, there is no startup that specifically focus on this market. Companies like ETEC , EsLife orfamiliafacil offer domestic services of all kinds without focusing on a main activity.Quite the opposite Helpling.

According DBK the turnover of enterprises Cleaning Spain stood at 8,900 million euros in 2013, 2% less than in the previous year. The arrival of Helpling to Spain comes just months after Lendico , also belonging to Rocket Internet, disembarked in Spain to compete in the sector loans between individuals.

Coffee and chat with colleagues improves labor productivity

  • coffee machine for rental singapore Companies make what is called como’fika ‘, which translates from Company as “drinking coffee, eating sweets and talking” and is part of the working day, as can be send emails.
  • Andreas Astrom, Lacámara of Commerce of Stockholm, apoyacien percent this tactic. “The Company management style is different from most other countries. It is a horizontal and not hierarchical.”

In Sweden it is obligatory to break at work to relax, sip coffee and eat a cupcake.

Although it seems a joke, this is getting work experience in the Scandinavian country productivity at work work very well.

Companies from Malmo to Stockholm do what is known as ‘fika’ , which translates from Company as “drinking coffee, eating sweets and talking” and is part of the working day, as can be sending e – mails or print documents .

Breaks for coffee are so important to the Swedes, even the brand par excellence of the country, Ikea, has a paragraph about it on their website: “More than a coffee break is a time to share, connect and relax with colleagues. Some of the best ideas and decisions occur during the ‘fika’ “.

Andreas Astrom , the Chamber of Commerce of Stockholm ,supports one hundred percent this tactic. “The Company  management style is different from most other countries. It is horizontal and not hierarchical , ” he explains.

“In the horizontal structures it is important to listen to each person, and the communal nature of the ‘fika’ promotes conversation between employees and managers.” “In the horizontal structures is important to listen to each person, and the communal nature of the fika promotes conversation between employees and managers,” concludes Astrom.

It’s not about taking a quick coffee, but to schedule breaks throughout the day.

‘Fika’ has become fashionable

The ‘fika’ has surpassed borders and has reached countries like the US or Australia where they have multiplied the places where you can have good coffee and sweet snacks with coworkers.

“In New York, everything was bought to take, but I thought if offered something really good could change the way people did things and get them to stop and to relax” cuenta Lars Akerlund founder of a great empire in new York around the world ‘fika’.

A traditional fika is to prepare seven homemade cakes. Historically, it was a contest to see who made the mejor. También has been a change in consumer expectations, because people are tired of consumer products and now things developed in more detail are requested.

Chat with native speakers to learn a language

Chat with native speakers to learn a language is the best way on como aprender ingles pela internet sozinho and, therefore, more and more pages that promote linguistic exchanges exist. Many of these pages propose to speak through the webcam during previously scheduled meetings. Yet, that is not the only way to have conversations with strangers! Discover in this article how you can chat with native speakers to learn a language fun and easy way thanks to our advice based on our own experience. 


Chat with native speakers to learn a language

If you think you fight with a language, but you ashamed oral expression or simply do not have enough time to practice what you are going to propose insurance that interests you.

The ” chat” (the act of talking instantly online) has changed a lot over recent years. Until recently, you could only chat in front of a computer. Today, with smartphones and 3G technology, you can “chat” with anyone in the world as if it was spoken by SMS and free. Chat allows the shyest communicate in the language learning without turning a webcam or without hearing his accent.

What is interesting chat with native speakers to learn a language?

To begin with , there is no need to be face to face on the computer. We can chat with native speakers to learn languages from anywhere , anytime! Also, it does not remove a lot of time. Unlike conversations through webcam, you need not coincide in time for it. Another advantage: improve spelling. Of course, priority must be given to the word! But it is always very useful to practice the written skills. It is time to reflect on the phrase, check the translation, etc. In fact, the most interesting is to dominate the response time.


chat with native speakers to learn a language
Current chats allow a lot of things! For example, send pictures of everyday life while discussed (in the language you learn or Spanish, so that your correspondent is exercised). A food photo describing what you’ve eaten or a photo of a phrase you do not understand are good choices to continue practicing a language.

If you usually read our blog , You have understood that oral expression is a priority! So how do chat? Simply by sending voice notes. So you can talk, listen again, writing transcription, etc. It is very useful!

How to do it?

Sign in Italki
Verblingo  or  Mixxer   and looking for someone to study Spanish and speak the language you are learning. Send a message proposing just speak for chat or webcam.

A tip: take the initiative. There are many people in these pages that is always ready to make exchanges, but they forget or demotivate quickly.If the exchange is interesting and fun from the beginning there is hope that it lasts! In addition,linguistic exchanges often become great friends and are an excellent way to discover another culture really .

There is a multitude of pages to chat with native free over the Internet or your mobile phone. In our opinion, one of the best and most accessible is below:

HelloTalk: This chat app is free and has been developed for iOS and Android. We recommend because you can find colleagues around world and even programming language exchange sessions. You can easily select people with whom you want chat and talk mode you prefer (voice, text or video conferencing). The app also offers tools for your trade as translator, voice transcription, etc.Lately it has become a complete social network: now with over one million users, the possibilities are endless exchange. I was using this app enough to write this article, and now use all the time!

We also encourage  Download our ebook “7 essential tools to learn a language” , so you can incorporate our advice and selected your conversations with native tools.

10 Tips to chat with native speakers to learn a language:

1. Try to find a balance in the languages . The risk you run is that you transform in Spanish prof without having had the opportunity to practice the other language.

2. Define  the times and days that will speak each language. Mix the two in each sentence is also very good, as long as you mayknow you!

3. When you do not understand a word or phrase, used a translation program or an online dictionary .

4 . Change your mobile keyboard  to learn the language so that the text is automatically corrected.

5. Add the phrases and words you learn to your checklist MosaLingua ; if not in the app, you can create new cards to memorize.

6. Propose a particular concept. For example, a picture accompanied by a brief text day. You should send it in the language that you learn to your correspondent, and he will have to do the same. You can also talk every day on current language study. Send the link to the article and write some accounts selections phrases to express what you think.

7. Clarifies the themes and tone of the conversation . If you are afraid to start a discussion about politics or friction occur, it makes it clear from the beginning that you speak only to practice without giving your opinion.

8. present in the early exchanges and find common ground for talks.

9. Occasionally, video conferencing ! It is a very good way to put into practice all the vocabulary you’ve learned , I must say. For example, during the weekend, keep a video call on Skype with your correspondent to resume the talking points of the week.

10. Supplementing your chat sessions with other resources to learn languages such as movies , podcast , music or books

Chat, IRC, IP telephony

What can you do on the Internet?

Chat .

By Chat we can maintain a conversation with other people in real time via the Internet . While in the mail have to wait a while to see the answer in the chat response is instantaneous.

You can talk in public mode, where all read messages from others, or privately where only two people can see their conversation.

Theremany sites that offer free chat, just choose the topic of conversation and start talking. To enter a chat must be given a nickname or “nick” will be the name that we know others. We should not give our real name, and be careful with personal data that we in the conversation.

You can find Chats, for example, inHispavista, and in almost all portals,Wandoo, Terra,Yahoo.

Currently they are refined voice chat in which you can talk instead of typing. For example,Voice Chat Terra.

As we have seen in the previous point, another option to establish a voice chat with the offer instant messaging programs.


IRC (Internet Relay Chat) was developed in Finland in 1988 by Jakko Oikarinen and is the precursor of the Chat on the Web. The IRC allows instant communication with a group of people who are discharged in this service, and among which we select or reject.

Basically it’s like a chat with the difference that a client program installed on your computer to access the IRC server. Once we give high on the server we are assigned an identifying us and we can communicate with other people discharged.
11We can give our identification and “be” for a certain time. An advantage over the Chat is that we can learn more easily if the person you want to talk about is connected at that time.
The IRC has some possibilities much like instant messaging, IRC programs but are more complete. In both cases must be careful with the entry of virus, since this is a route by which viruses can reach your computer.

ICQ is one of the most popular, along with mIRC .

IP telephony .

IP telephony can talk on the phone using Internet for voice transmission, with less quality of reception but cheaper , especially on international calls.

It has the features of a conventional phone call, that is, we must know the phone number of the person you call and it must be on the computer or on the phone destination to pick up the call.

You can call from a PC to a landline or mobile phone, and also to another computer. Minutes . PeopleCall. For some time there is a program that is very successful called Skype , although not pure IP telephony, lets talk via computer anywhere in the world, with all those who have the program installed, free of charge. It also allows call traditional phones by paying an amount. It is a program that gives excellent sound quality, even with Internet connections low bandwidth, such as phone modems.

Recently, Google has released a similar program called Google Talk .

News. Discussion groups

news or discussion groups were born before the web reached the spread that currently have and helped to share knowledge among the scientific community. Basically News is a place where users post on a specific topic exchanged , and where you can learn many things through the spirit of cooperation that prevails.

To access the News a mail program giving data appending companies like e-mail and news server that provided by our supplier must be configured. Then you need to choose the topic in which we participate and we can send our opinions.

Another alternative is to use the Web using the Google Groups service (before it was bought by Google was called Deja ), which allows us to search discussion groups easily can even search for all messages in any discussion group in which it appears a certain keyword. From this system, of course, we can also participate by sending messages. Google Groups lists Web mail from mail programs such as Outlook e-mail can be grouped to form a list, this way we can send a message to everyone on the list at once. Based on this idea you have created web mail lists with additional features that make them more complete. For example, members of the list can be given high and low on the list themselves from the Internet. The creator of the list defines who is allowed to send messages to the list, if you want the messages to be reviewed by someone before being sent, etc. Webmail lists are useful to provide information to a group of people with a common interest. For example, members of a sports club can receive information of your club by e those responsible only have to send one and the mailing list is responsible for sending a mail to each member. Another example of the usefulness of the mailing lists is the list of new features of aulaClic that allows interested persons to receive an email each month with new developments in our website. For example, eListas

Internet offers diets based on genetic

Currently, the ‘ apps ‘ are responsible for providing dietary advice , suggest oldschooldiet.com based on the habits of people and control the amount of liquid that the user drinks during the day to ensure you have a health adequate.

But these applications and websites have gone a step further by using genetics to create nutritional plans more effective. Is this an evolution in nutrition ?

Nutritionist Bethlehem Ocampo believes that eating plans based on gene to identify the nutritional needs of a person and the illness that “often need intervention through food .”

For example Ocampo explained, with studies of genes can be observed if a person has a predisposition to obesity , then recommends a specific food as a form of prevention.

This is the case of the website diet Genetics offers personalized diets. The user should be performed a blood test and then send the results analyzed in the laboratory the DNA . The following is to receive a report with recommendations to lose weight and maintain their weight.

“For each are different, our body needs a different diet” is the motto of the platform.

The application Nutrigen Service , developed with researchers from the University Salamanca , in Spain , is known as the first app of nutrigenetics because it combines nutrition, genetics and Mediterranean diet .

the platform is available for operating system Android and iOS and allows different menus that can be customized by completing a survey send to college to be analyzed.

Thus, the combined physiological data with the genetic study of the patient. According to the creators of the platform, 70% of users are women between 18 and 42 who are disillusioned by diets that did not work them.

Ocampo stresses that before using applications or diets through the web pages, is necessary to carry out a safe procedure with the correct study of the health of the person.

Android Wear: chat with clock

Android Wear has already set in motion, with the release a few weeks of the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live ago (and even the odd, the expected Moto 360 with round dial is). We’ve tried for a few days in these two watches and we found that although the operating system ‘wearables’ of Google is more limited when using applications other bets, such as the Gear 2 Samsung or Sony SmartWatch , it is also much more effective in communications.

Android Wear does not provide access to messaging applications directly from the fitness watch.That is, you can not try to send a message via Facebook or WhatsApp Messenger if these applications have not sent a notification, although an email or SMS -curiously, which Google dominates with Hangouts- best. Nor is there ‘apps’ especially as the many interactive games that are already for Gear 2. However, unlike other operating systems clocks, yes that can be answered easily.

Android Wear has a vertical interface and we can go scrolling through the cards that we are shown, similar to what happens in the way Google Now , and thus see what time, how many steps you have taken or the time remaining get home. If the card does not appear we are interested, we can talk to theclock ( by touching the screen or by saying ‘OK Google’) and apply.

We can also tell the clock “remind me tomorrow I have to have breakfast with fulanito at 11”, “send an email to menganito with -and text dictate the text-” and he will do or “starts a countdown of five minutes.”However, if we use a messaging application on the clock has even been adapted, we can not do. In case you want to write proactively in WhatsApp, we can tell the clock “open WhatsApp ” and will open in the ‘smartphone’.

However, although text messages or e – mails are the roads that can be used proactively Android Wear, messaging applications send notifications, let us read the complete messages according to the application- and answer. Let ‘s see exactly what options bring communication applications most popular of Spain, which have now been adapted.

Although there are some like Talkray or Text Me, we chose Gmail, Facebook and WhatsApp , because currently Twitter is not yet supported. As you can see, Android Wear screen always displays the time and the latest notifications, though the light has gone out and is in sleep mode. In the Android Wear app for smartphones Android can configure and choose the screen you are always off completely, and thus save some battery.


It is the most complete of all, but still needs to improve. Android Wear divided into groups according tothe emails inbox -in the ‘smartphone’ can set up multiple accounts Google- and thus we are seeing.Clicking on a group, the mails are divided into cards and when you click on one, can read mail in full.

Once you have read the mail, we have several options, which you access by moving the screen to the left: archiving, respond or open the phone. Unfortunately, Google has not built a basic option for anyone who uses Gmail : forward the message. It would be as simple as adding a tab.

If we answer, we can dictate to watch what we mean. The ‘ smartwatch ‘ hear until we stop talking and then the response will be sent automatically and converted into text. If we see something wrong we understood that often does not, we were wrong or forgotten something, we have a few seconds to cancel sending and start again.

Gmail also includes a series of automatic responses , which are accessed by moving the screen down, once you have selected “answer”. Google and offers Spanish and options are: “Yes,” No “,” OK “,” Heh, heh, “” Thank You “,” I agree “,” Great, “” I’m on my way ” “Okay, I’ll call you later”, “:)” and “:(“.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook sends notifications we receive on the social network without too many details. Just we see that “such a friend commented on your status” or that “someone has shared your link” and sliding to the left can select “open the phone.” However, if a message arrives, we can perform some actions more.

Unfortunately, the messages we receive in Facebook Messenger not appear intact but cut in Android Wear watch. This reduces the usefulness of the application. Moreover, we can also choose to respond, dictating back to watch what we mean, and select some predefined answers in Spanish. You can also choose if we want to open the ‘app’ on the phone.

As a novelty, and one of the hallmarks of the social network, we can select a highlighted option -out responder- options that involves sending a thumbs up.


At the moment, updating WhatsApp compatible with Android Wear is under test. At the moment, only you can download on the website of the courier and integration into the clock will not be effective if we have installed is the latest version is available on Google Play. To install this apk, we must enable the option “unknown sources” for applications settings.

Once you have installed the new version, notifications appear on the clock Android Wear . Just as happens with the other two, all notifications will appear unified on a card and tell us the number we have. If you click on it, we can see the different conversations that we have received notification. In the case of WhatsApp we can see the entire message in full and then we have two options: respond or open the device .

Again, the answer is we can dictate to watch and, once recognized our words, the message will be sent automatically. There are also predefined answers like ” I’m going there ,” “yes,” “no,” “okay” or “see you soon”. The downside is that being an application in beta, are only in English. There are also three emoticons: smiley face, sad face and thumbs up, three in emoji version.


Android Wear is the most effective operating system for smart watches from a point of view of communication because unlike the Sony SmartWatch or Gear 2 Samsung , you can answer, and also quickly and effectively. That gives more useful to ‘smartwatches’ than they had before.

All ‘apps’ we’ve seen so far can be improved, with options like forward in the case of Gmail, show the complete message from FB Messenger or translation into Spanish in the case of WhatsApp, but what is seen is a great homogeneity in each of them, by the hand of Google is controlling this issue.

– Capture location: The location where a Pokémon was caught will now be displayed on their information screen.

What is that negative SEO?

When we talk about SEO strategies to boost SEO, in most cases we refer to techniques that enhance our visibility in search engines.

But what if I tell you that there are some SEO techniques that can negatively affect you ?

In this case I am not referring so much to what I can do on my own website or blog, but what they can do to harm others.

Yes, in this modern online world there are those who seek to improve their own web positioning at the expense of its competitors charged.

Although there are always those who just enjoy to put sticks in the wheel to the other …

Are we aware of the negative techniques that others might use to try to alienate our website top positions in Google?

So again I ask me:

Would we know how to defend ourselves not to lose SEO?

Thinking of an answer to all these questions is that in this 30th guest post count on the collaboration ofBrandon Diaz .

Brandon has prepared an extensive article with more than 4,500 words, which will show what negative SEO techniques that could suffer and how we should protect them are.

I hope you serve to care for your positioning web!

How to identify the Negative SEO to protect your web?

How to identify the Negative SEO to protect your web positioning malicious attacks?

If you take a little time in the world of online marketing, you’ve probably heard of SEO or search engine optimization of a website.

It basically refers to a set of techniques that aim to attract more visitors from search engines like Google and Bing.

But did you know that SEO can also be used against you?

Sometimes, especially in highly competitive markets, your competitors can use some techniques in order that your site lose positions or, in the worst case, be penalized. These techniques are known asnegative SEO .

Those who have heard of this, surely they will think this is to point a lot of toxic links to the website of your competition.

But no, it’s not just that.

In fact, there are several techniques that can be used to make negative SEO to a site.

In this article I will show you 8 of the most common techniques and also tell you to do to protect your website from them.

Is it possible negative SEO?

¡Yo escuché que Google afirmaba que no! 😉

In recent years the negative SEO has begun to attract much attention, and Google has most of the blame.

Apparently he has always had the philosophy of punishing the “bad” instead of benefiting the “good”, which makes it possible to exist Negative SEO.

In addition, since the Penguin update was released, searches on “Negative SEO” soared.

Is it possible negative SEO? Early negative SEO

Why? Because Penguin focuses on sites with a profile of unnatural links. And it is difficult todistinguish between self creates links and creating a competitor to try to make SEO negative.

So Does negative SEO can work? It’s possible?

Yes, of course it exists and is possible.

Google’s position is, for a change, ambiguous. Sometimes he says that is not possible, sometimes hinted yes and sometimes takes tools to disavow links (known as disavow).

Although the negative SEO is not possible what if it really is?

In practice it has been shown that such practices do exist and can significantly harm the visibility of your site.

The best thing to do is to know about some of the most common techniques and know what you can do to protect them.

Things you should do to protect your site from attack #SEOnegativo By @SEODiaz


Then let’s see:

8 negative SEO techniques more common than exist in the network today c ow protect them

► 1 Hacking

At the boundary between legal and illegal we have the hacking. It can take many forms, but here we will focus on two of the most damaging your SEO.

  • Password theft

This can be done in several ways. Some of the best known are SQL injections, to get information from your database, or trying to steal your password directly with a brute force attack.

This obviously tends to affect more sites made with a CMS like WordPress or Joomla .

If they succeed and reach your site as administrator, can you imagine what they could do?

They could, for example, injecting a link on your site pointing to yours without you realizing. Or could add a meta tag robot to tell search engines not to index your content, losing all your positioning.

  • Code injection

To do this, a technique called XSS commonly used. With this they can achieve a link or even inject malicious code to your site Google detected as infected with malware and lose positions.

But there are other ways.

Another common way to insert code in a web is when plugins or themes payment downloaded free . If you download and install it without checking, you may be also installing malicious code without knowing it .

How to protect yourself from this kind of negative SEO?

Easy! Using passwords very safe.

Example insecure password:


Secure Password Example:

X9K! 0p2dJH9q86baixr @

To generate and store secure passwords, I use LastPass .

Monitor your own web for strange terms with Google Alerts .

This can be helpful when injected links to your site.

You only need to create a new alert and monitor something like this:

“Site: tusitio.com botox acne OR OR OR debt dating casino OR OR OR mortgage insurance poker OR OR OR pharmacy viagra OR OR porn xxx”

And set it to send you a notification when you find something suspicious.

What is that negative SEO? - Google Alerts

  • If you use a CMS you must keep it updated or yes. This is necessary because it is easier to be hacked if you have previous versions of your CMS because vulnerabilities are known. Eventhere are places where the vulnerabilities of past versions of many CMS listed . This is easier for a hacker to know how to attack.
  • Have backups of your site, just in case.
  • Monitor server logs. This is the most technical step that will see in this guide. It is to download and analyze access logs of your server.

Regardless of all the possibilities offered by the log analysis for SEO, we will focus on discovering potential attackers.

For this you must log extract the contents of a document Excel to search and filter attempts to access certain URLs.

Among other things, a log stores the following information about who tried to access your web:

  • Your IP.
  • The date and time of the request.
  • What did request (HTTP Request).
  • HTTP code (200, 301, 404, etc.) state.
  • User Agent .

In this case we want to analyze the request made, the HTTP Request, and look for suspicious queries.For example:

  • administrator.
  • admin.
  • wp-login.php
  • root.
  • public.

This will depend CMS they are using.

To understand a little more, here’s an example:

What is that negative SEO? - Attempted access

There is a clear example of “someone” who has been trying to access my file wp-login.php, making a request every second.

Once the IP found, he can easily block access by editing the .htaccess file .

Another important aspect if you are using a CMS is to investigate what security plugins exist. In the case of WordPress, one very useful to prevent this type of access is WPS Hide Login .

There are also more complete security solutions for WordPress as Wordfence Security .

Before moving on to the next technique, there are two very important things you should always keep in mind:

  1. It is assumed that Google from your webmaster tools notifies you if you notice that your site could be hacked, but do not trust (and do not forget that you must subscribe to email alerts).Sometimes it can take a long time to warn and by then you’ve lost positions. It is best tomonitor it constantly.
  2. If your site becomes hacked and Google sends you a message about it , after solving the problems do not forget to send a request for reconsideration.


Have you remained in doubt on the subject of negative SEO?

Do you have any comments or suggestions? Visit us at seo bangkok.

What is internet security?

Internet security are all those precautions taken to protect all the elements that are part of the network as infrastructure and information, the most affected by cybercriminals.

Computer security is responsible for creating methods, procedures and standards to achieve identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in information and physical equipment, such as computers.

This type of security features databases, files and equipment that make important information does not fall into the hands of the wrong people.

One of the best ways to stay safe online is antivirus through, to understand them better, enter our course of computer viruses and antivirus.

One of the best ways to stay safe online is through antivirus.

Main Internet risks

Some of the things that cybercriminals seeking to achieve through internet are:

  • Information theft
  • Damage information
  • Attacks on systems or equipment
  • Impersonation
  • Sales of personal data
  • Stealing money

Cyber criminals use various ways to attack a victim in the network as the virus with those who manage to breach systems and disrupt the operation of the electronic device, the phishing, which is that a cybercriminal posing as a different person through emails, instant messaging or social networks to acquire sensitive information such as passwords, credit cards, among others.

How to prevent it?

If much information is handled and has several teams, as in the case of companies, it is best to seek help from professionals responsible for security on the Internet.

On the other hand, as a user can take several preventive measures such as maintaining activated and updated antivirus software on our devices with internet, avoid making financial transactions on open networks or public computers and check the attachments of messages from strangers and avoid downloading if not full assurance of their content.

For us it is very important to your safety, so we have created two articles to begin to take care on the Internet.
In the first you can identify that you grant permissions when installing an application;the second will give you some tips on how to make online transactions. We invite you to read them by clicking on http://cybersecurityportal.com/jobs/

Internet marketing, what experts worry the most

A consultation with various “experts” on the network about their major concerns about the future study, and most relate to commercial pressures.

What aspect of the future of the network is the most worries experts? Some wouldpoint to censorship and espionage governments; others may say that the theft of our personal information from hackers . However, a study by Elon University in North Carolina, casts a different conclusion, the greatest threat to the future of the network is perfectly legal and is in sight of all are commercial interests .

For ten years this American university conducts a survey cycle called ” Imagining the Internet ” (Imagining the Internet), in which 1,400 experts in the network, they must answer a number of issues involved. This year has been asked, for the first time about his biggest concern about the network . And most of them have referred to commercialization.

Speaking to the web Recode , Elon professor Janna Anderson has said that this is “surprisingly” the question that worries more respondents. Using giants like Facebook -in the headlines since his last “experiment” – and Google may make of the data that users put into their hands worries many, and not only for privacy but also by how the exchange democratic network information may be rebutted in favor of marketing.

The net neutrality and exchange of information

According reveals the study of gold coast search engine optimisation, among the specific concerns about the commercial pressures on the network concern to respondents is the future of net neutrality , threatened in the United States for the last movements of the FCC and the restrictions of copyright and patents which may affect the free exchange of information .

In May , the Federal Communications Commission of the US, the FCC approved a proposal that opens the possibility that, in the future, providers of network access from charging content companies to prioritize their online offer and it is download faster and with more quality. That is, there is a two – speed Internet : those who pay and those who do not pay. The principle of net neutrality advocates precisely that all necessary means are made so that this does not happen.

One of those interviewed by the study authors, who works in a post – doctoral research, describes it as follows: “We are seeing how every day there are more ‘walled gardens’ that are owned by tech giants . Paradoxically, network marketing is precisely the biggest challenge is posed to it in its growth. The lobbies of large companies against Internet neutrality are the best example. ”

Other hazards

It is not, however, the only concern to respondents. Among the concerns expressed are also the actions taken by governments to maintain political control of the network , which will lead, in his view, to a larger block, filter and network segmentation. The trust citizens place on the Internet “evaporate” have told the authors of the study, if internet marketing firm and governments maintain their surveillance strategy.

In addition, participants in the study also refer to a question, the noise and the “infoxication” on the network, in which the remedy may end up being worse than the disease. Efforts to solve the information overload could be counterproductive and curtailing the current freedom to share content, they think.

10 films on computers and internet

Tuesday is usually the day of the spectator in many theaters of our country, so it ‘sback to sit in the chair to enjoy the second and final installment of our curious selection with our 10 films on computer and internet . Thanks to the collaboration of putlocker we created list of the most outstanding creations as far as computer and internet terms.

The advance of computer technology has become one of the hottest topics of our society and this is reflected in a lot of new releases related to the possibilities and fears that offers the industry ‘s future. From comedies to thrillers , from, of course , by adventures of action palomiteras showing that today we all have our particular view of the subject.


If Antitrust has become a cult film it is not just by chance. This is one of the first commercial films that could end up graduating under Creative Commons and its plot revolves around globalization and the development of free software. Tells the story of a young programmer who is about to embark on the work of his life in the planet’s largest computer company. The parallels between Microsoft and countless fictional company and shows us what might happen if this had been done in the monopoly market.


Just exploited the Internet bubble, The Network was responsible for creating demonize international espionage plot that had us all controlled and who would discover it would be persecuted to death. Its success, hand in much of the signing of Sandra Bullock starring actress, took its creators to make two more sequels and even a television series of 22 chapters.


Operation Swordfish was one of the films, along with The Matrix, better quality sold back then newly installed DVD. They had one of the most memorable action scenes I had occasion to see on a tape and its cast, with Travolta, Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman did the rest to make it a blockbuster all. The film goes to show that in a completely computerized world even a vault is safe.


He would have become an absolute success have been released a few years later, as the background of Hard Candy is based on Internet privacy, a hot topic since the rise of social networks. Hayley Stark is a 14 year old who knows a man 32 online. It would be easy to guess the argument except that here nothing is what it seems, which will take advantage of it and be tortured and defenseless young teenager.


Can what apparently is a thriller film becoming a popcorn action? Eagle Eye shows that yes. The film returns to emphasize the problems that can lead to a global automation by introducing the two protagonists in a trial adventure led by a mysterious voice it seems to know what will happen at all times.

Smokio: Intelligent Electronic Cigarette

Smokio the electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarettes are gradually gaining popularity. These devices reduce damage to the health of the smoker and do not cause inconvenience to others. The project, called the best electronic cigarette in the UK Smokio , embodies the attempt to give quality to this product group of intelligent devices. This new technology is able to communicate with your smartphone and allow monitoring snuff consumption statistics and provide useful additional functionality.

The connection to the main device (Smartphone or Android or iOS tablets) s and produces through Bluetooth technology. Free application designed for this product calculates the amount of water vapor during each puff and describes the effect of cigarettes on the user ‘s body. In particular, a comparison with the average data of regular cigarettes, it seems a good motivator for people who want to quit smoking. Smokio cigar pluses are: the reduction of smoking, life expectancy, the money saved. In addition, the program can keep track of where the user has been smoking and can measure the residual battery charge.

Built-in battery capacity is 990 mAh, which should be enough for 7 hours of continuous operation. Finally, we could say that Smokio be a good standard electronic cigarettewhich converts nicotine into vapor solution of glycerol. The cost of new devices is $ 109.

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