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What is internet security?

Internet security are all those precautions taken to protect all the elements that are part of the network as infrastructure and information, the most affected by cybercriminals.

Computer security is responsible for creating methods, procedures and standards to achieve identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in information and physical equipment, such as computers.

This type of security features databases, files and equipment that make important information does not fall into the hands of the wrong people.

One of the best ways to stay safe online is antivirus through, to understand them better, enter our course of computer viruses and antivirus.

One of the best ways to stay safe online is through antivirus.

Main Internet risks

Some of the things that cybercriminals seeking to achieve through internet are:

  • Information theft
  • Damage information
  • Attacks on systems or equipment
  • Impersonation
  • Sales of personal data
  • Stealing money

Cyber criminals use various ways to attack a victim in the network as the virus with those who manage to breach systems and disrupt the operation of the electronic device, the phishing, which is that a cybercriminal posing as a different person through emails, instant messaging or social networks to acquire sensitive information such as passwords, credit cards, among others.

How to prevent it?

If much information is handled and has several teams, as in the case of companies, it is best to seek help from professionals responsible for security on the Internet.

On the other hand, as a user can take several preventive measures such as maintaining activated and updated antivirus software on our devices with internet, avoid making financial transactions on open networks or public computers and check the attachments of messages from strangers and avoid downloading if not full assurance of their content.

For us it is very important to your safety, so we have created two articles to begin to take care on the Internet.
In the first you can identify that you grant permissions when installing an application;the second will give you some tips on how to make online transactions. We invite you to read them by clicking on http://cybersecurityportal.com/jobs/

Internet marketing, what experts worry the most

A consultation with various “experts” on the network about their major concerns about the future study, and most relate to commercial pressures.

What aspect of the future of the network is the most worries experts? Some wouldpoint to censorship and espionage governments; others may say that the theft of our personal information from hackers . However, a study by Elon University in North Carolina, casts a different conclusion, the greatest threat to the future of the network is perfectly legal and is in sight of all are commercial interests .

For ten years this American university conducts a survey cycle called ” Imagining the Internet ” (Imagining the Internet), in which 1,400 experts in the network, they must answer a number of issues involved. This year has been asked, for the first time about his biggest concern about the network . And most of them have referred to commercialization.

Speaking to the web Recode , Elon professor Janna Anderson has said that this is “surprisingly” the question that worries more respondents. Using giants like Facebook -in the headlines since his last “experiment” – and Google may make of the data that users put into their hands worries many, and not only for privacy but also by how the exchange democratic network information may be rebutted in favor of marketing.

The net neutrality and exchange of information

According reveals the study, among the specific concerns about the commercial pressures on the network concern to respondents is the future of net neutrality , threatened in the United States for the last movements of the FCC and the restrictions of copyright and patents which may affect the free exchange of information .

In May , the Federal Communications Commission of the US, the FCC approved a proposal that opens the possibility that, in the future, providers of network access from charging content companies to prioritize their online offer and it is download faster and with more quality. That is, there is a two – speed Internet : those who pay and those who do not pay. The principle of net neutrality advocates precisely that all necessary means are made so that this does not happen.

One of those interviewed by the study authors, who works in a post – doctoral research, describes it as follows: “We are seeing how every day there are more ‘walled gardens’ that are owned by tech giants . Paradoxically, network marketing is precisely the biggest challenge is posed to it in its growth. The lobbies of large companies against Internet neutrality are the best example. ”

Other hazards

It is not, however, the only concern to respondents. Among the concerns expressed are also the actions taken by governments to maintain political control of the network , which will lead, in his view, to a larger block, filter and network segmentation. The trust citizens place on the Internet “evaporate” have told the authors of the study, if internet marketing firm and governments maintain their surveillance strategy.

In addition, participants in the study also refer to a question, the noise and the “infoxication” on the network, in which the remedy may end up being worse than the disease. Efforts to solve the information overload could be counterproductive and curtailing the current freedom to share content, they think.

10 films on computers and internet

Tuesday is usually the day of the spectator in many theaters of our country, so it ‘sback to sit in the chair to enjoy the second and final installment of our curious selection with our 10 films on computer and internet . Thanks to the collaboration of putlocker we created list of the most outstanding creations as far as computer and internet terms.

The advance of computer technology has become one of the hottest topics of our society and this is reflected in a lot of new releases related to the possibilities and fears that offers the industry ‘s future. From comedies to thrillers , from, of course , by adventures of action palomiteras showing that today we all have our particular view of the subject.


If Antitrust has become a cult film it is not just by chance. This is one of the first commercial films that could end up graduating under Creative Commons and its plot revolves around globalization and the development of free software. Tells the story of a young programmer who is about to embark on the work of his life in the planet’s largest computer company. The parallels between Microsoft and countless fictional company and shows us what might happen if this had been done in the monopoly market.


Just exploited the Internet bubble, The Network was responsible for creating demonize international espionage plot that had us all controlled and who would discover it would be persecuted to death. Its success, hand in much of the signing of Sandra Bullock starring actress, took its creators to make two more sequels and even a television series of 22 chapters.


Operation Swordfish was one of the films, along with The Matrix, better quality sold back then newly installed DVD. They had one of the most memorable action scenes I had occasion to see on a tape and its cast, with Travolta, Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman did the rest to make it a blockbuster all. The film goes to show that in a completely computerized world even a vault is safe.


He would have become an absolute success have been released a few years later, as the background of Hard Candy is based on Internet privacy, a hot topic since the rise of social networks. Hayley Stark is a 14 year old who knows a man 32 online. It would be easy to guess the argument except that here nothing is what it seems, which will take advantage of it and be tortured and defenseless young teenager.


Can what apparently is a thriller film becoming a popcorn action? Eagle Eye shows that yes. The film returns to emphasize the problems that can lead to a global automation by introducing the two protagonists in a trial adventure led by a mysterious voice it seems to know what will happen at all times.

Smokio: Intelligent Electronic Cigarette

Smokio the electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarettes are gradually gaining popularity. These devices reduce damage to the health of the smoker and do not cause inconvenience to others. The project, called the best electronic cigarette in the UK Smokio , embodies the attempt to give quality to this product group of intelligent devices. This new technology is able to communicate with your smartphone and allow monitoring snuff consumption statistics and provide useful additional functionality.

The connection to the main device (Smartphone or Android or iOS tablets) s and produces through Bluetooth technology. Free application designed for this product calculates the amount of water vapor during each puff and describes the effect of cigarettes on the user ‘s body. In particular, a comparison with the average data of regular cigarettes, it seems a good motivator for people who want to quit smoking. Smokio cigar pluses are: the reduction of smoking, life expectancy, the money saved. In addition, the program can keep track of where the user has been smoking and can measure the residual battery charge.

Built-in battery capacity is 990 mAh, which should be enough for 7 hours of continuous operation. Finally, we could say that Smokio be a good standard electronic cigarettewhich converts nicotine into vapor solution of glycerol. The cost of new devices is $ 109.

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