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DALnet Services Commands in Rich Text Format file:   (zipped)

Use wordpad (Win9x/NT/ME) or Write (Win 3.x) to view, not notepad. (rtf format allows for the use of better layout, but doesn't have the nasty macro problems a word document might have). This file includes commands for NickServ, ChanServ, & MemoServ.

 Register Your Nick:  

        The Command   /nickserv register password

   You make up the password, be sure to use a valid email address since you will get a reply at that address that you will use to finish registering your nick with.  A registered nick is required to register a channel.  It is also required if you are going to be a channel op in many channels.  p.s. It's free!

        Enforce aka Kill  /nickserv set ENFORCE on

    This setting will require you to identify to your nick when you connect to a DALnet server.  But the good part is so will anyone else that tries to use it.  You know your nick's password.  They don't.  They turn into Guest12345 

        Password Assistance The Rule is "Don't Forget Your Password, Don't Share It Either!"

    Forgetting your password is a major pain!  There is no "easy way" to recover your password or have it emailed to you.  You have to find a CSop (Not just a regular IRCop).  The standard advice is go to #OperHelp and wait.  That takes hours and hours, if you can get in, since the channel is often full.  You can get a list of all the CSops using the command /motd services.*  but you will have to go through the resulting list a nick at a time to see if that individual is online and helping at the moment.

    The much better choice is don't forget that password, whether it's your nick password or the channel password if you are the channel founder.

Register Your Channel: 

        The Command/chanserv register #channelname password description

    Simply join an empty, unregistered channel.  If the channel is unregistered, you will be op'd. Then issue the command.  You make up the password.  The description can be any thing you want, usually a short statement about the channel's purpose.  

        Channel Settings  

    There are so many options possible, I will only discuss a few essential ones.  First, turn IDENT on, which will require your channel ops to identify to their nick before ChanServ will op them.  Use KEEPTOPIC to make your channel's topic "sticky".  Use MLOCK to specify channel modes you require and those you do not want set.  Generally +nt-kl are good choices. Link:DALnet Modes

       Adding Ops /chanserv aop #channelname add nick & /chanserv sop #channelname add nick

    You should be very careful about adding AOPs.  And twice as careful about who you add as a SOP.  If you turned OPGUARD or IDENT on, then simply add the op (whether an AOP or SOP) by their nick.  Stay away from adding ops by address mask.  People can and do get access to channels because they match a poorly set address mask for some op in the channel.  If you have a problem with someone getting ops that you think shouldn't, use the command: /chanserv why #channelname nick  to see exactly how they are getting their ops.

      Recovering The Channel  Okay so you didn't pay attention to the part about only op'ing trustworthy people? 

   If you are an op in the channel and are banned.  You can use /chanserv unban #channelname to get back in.  If the lamer(s) that took the channel set mode +i for the channel (invite) or +k (keyword) then you can use the command /chanserv invite #channelname to get past those.  

   If you are an AOP you are pretty limited in what you can do at that point, since if the lamers have gotten ops because of some breech in your settings, you can't adjust them.  If they are temp ops, then deop them and kick/ban them from the channel.  If you are a SOP or the Founder, you can modify the channels operator access lists to get the hole plugged so they can't get ops again.  As I mentioned before, use the command /chanserv why #channelname nick  to see exactly how they are getting ops (you need to do this command while they are op'd).

        Bots    !Seen ShortSkrt  !Buy LovlyLdy Vodka Martini  !Kick PDQ 

   Okay, what sort of bot do you need?  What sort are there, you ask?  Bar Bots, Channel Maintenance Bots, Game Bots, String Bikini Bots (just kidding).  A fun bot that you bring online when you are there for games and/or giggles can run on the same machine you use to chat with, just be sure to run it on a server that allows bots (a single clone).  A channel maintenance bot is a bit different, since it should ideally be online all the time.  See my for details.

Some other handy commands for DALnet:

    Founder not getting ops when joining the channel? Answer

    Finding the servers: /links  will give you a links window with all the servers currently connected.

   Finding Channels: /list <subject>  will get you a list of channels with the subject word in the channels name or topic.  An example of the command would be /list mp3 or  /list script  and would return either mp3 channels or script channels.

   Finding people: /whois nick is the obvious way to find someone on the same IRC network (DALnet is an IRC network).  But lots of people ask if they can find someone by an IP (either numeric or named).  Answer





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