Spell Checker for Edit Box ...

{ Whazza Edit Box, you ask?}


graphic display of channel window with edit box


We all make typo's .. that's part of IRC.  But occasionally I know that I'm not spelling a word correctly, and it is frustrating.  Do I dig out a dictionary.  Do I just let it go?  Usually, I end up backspacing not just the word out, but most of the line I was going to send, so I can say it with words I'm confident with.

But an IRC friend told me about this "Spell Check for Edit Boxes" many many moons ago.  And I thought that it was a neat idea .. and never got around to trying it.  My bad choice!  It not only works, but it works really well.  And it has a number of various languages you can choose to use as the master dictionary, along with creating your own custom dictionary of words that are uncommon.  (Like "IRC" or "lusers", maybe?) ;-)

Okay, so it's fairly trick and it works, how much?  Hey .. for you single private users (married one's too) it's FREE! Hard to beat that price.  It's available for Win 3.x/95/98  but not for NT or Win2000.  Simple to install, Simple to use.  Since I've moved to Win2000 and they are not going to develop it for the 32 bit system, I now have to do without it.  I really miss this handy utility!

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