Jeepster's Numeric Help

Jeepster has put together a simple guide to most numerics.  It is available for either 32 bit or 16 bit windows operating systems.  Win95/98/NT should use the 32 bit version.  Win 3.x should use the 16 bit format.
These files come in zip format, if you don't have software to unzip a file, try this link:


mIRC Users:

To view the reply you get from a numeric related command you can simply use this line in your remote:

raw *:*: echo -a $numeric $1-

However you will quickly notice that the reply you get often does not look anything like what you are used to seeing with mIRC.

 Bits of info that are sent separately in the raw reply are assembled for viewing by the IRC client software.

 When scripting, you will need to sample for the exact parm required. 

To make that a bit easier, I have a script that breaks out the parms for easy reference when they arrive.

Numeric Parser:

Some more tidbits of info and FAQ for numerics here