Numeric TidBits

Numerics were originally designated in RFC 1459 .  As various networks have developed, the numerics have been modified.  The majority of the numerics have remained as originally defined.

To find the current numerics for your net, you need to get a copy of the numeric.h file currently used by the server(s) of your network. 

Some commonly asked questions:

Q:   What is the numeric for a PING?

A:    There isn't one.  Ping is an automated request for a response that verifies the current connection speed.  Using mIRC (and most other IRC clients) you can script a response to a ping, but no numeric is involved.

Q:    On DALnet, I want to automatically reply to Nickserv when it asks me to identify, what numeric do I use?

A:    Nickserv (and similar services such as Majick) issue the identify request via a "notice".  There isn't an associated numeric. To listen for the identify request, you use an "ON NOTICE" event (for mIRC anyway).  However, since people often visit other networks, some which may not have similar services .. scripting an automated reply is hazardous.  If another user is allowed to take the nick "Nickserv" and then issue a standard notice for identification, you may end up responding to them with your valid password for the other network.  One thing I do to keep from replying to a nickserv request that isn't issued from a DALnet server is add an if statement to my reply line.

if ( isin $server) { blah blah blah }

or you could use

if ($right($server,8) == { blah blah blah }